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      "A lawyer’s lawyer"

      I retained Levi to handle my divorce even though I was an attorney myself. At the time I was emotionally a wreck and not dealing too well with what was going on. Levi was unfailingly kind, considerate and responsive. He got the job done and done correctly. He never missed a deadline and kept me well informed as to what was going on. I have no hesitation recommending him to people and will do so in the future.

      "Excellent Family Law Attorney"

      I retained Levi to assist me with a Family court issue that was very emotionally charged and ripe, with unreasonable antics, by opposing counsel. My "knee-jerk" reaction, to fight fire with fire, was cooled by Levi's calm and controlled responses -- which ultimately contained the situation. Levi always provided the best view of the situation (whether I liked it or not) and provided outstanding legal counsel. He was honest and ethical to a fault... And very reasonable, from a cost and billing perspective. I highly recommend him for Family Law matters!

      "Great choice for family cases and bankruptcy law"

      It's not too often that you find an attorney like Levi Brooks. Most people who find themselves needing an attorney aren't to happy about it. But choosing Levi definitely should make you happy in the long run. We found ourselves needing an attorney for an unexpected bankruptcy case. I first met with another attorney for a consultation who proceeded to give me a lot of "advice" about what I should do with my assets, etc. But it didn't match up with our needs. So I decided to get a second opinion. When I met with Levi, I was pleasantly surprised at my first impression from his non-judgmental attitude, and his listening approach. I handed over my paperwork, and Levi worked his magic. I was able to dust off my hands and look forward to a fresh start. Then, when we were looking for a family attorney for a child custody issue, it seemed natural to retain Levi for that as well. After all, he had been great to work with. That's when I really got to see what a great choice that was.

      Levi isn't a stereotypical lawyer who likes to hear himself talk and who wants to bill you to listen to him. He is a humble, efficient, diamond in the rough, who will listen to your needs, work hard for you and who charges much less than what he is worth. Compared to other lawyers, Levi is much better priced, and works harder. Levi is efficient. By that I mean, he will not be wordy in his responses and waste your (or his) time. He will get to the heart of the issues right away and work hard to get things done.

      In the court room, Levi is a no-nonsense guy, which every client needs. He absolutely knows the law and does his research. He is well respected by judges, which is obvious when he is in the courtroom. In our case, this was more obvious because this was not true for the opposing party's attorney. Levi always works hard to be respectful to all parties he comes in contact with: judges, attorneys, clients, and opposing parties. This can be important when there's already high tension in a family law case. But best of all, Levi knows how to argue well. This is a skill that a LOT of attorneys lack. Levi knows what points are relevant, and exactly how he is going to be able to prove his arguments. He doesn't just spit out a bunch of garbage and hopes that something will stick. Levi lays it out: here's the law, here's my argument, here's how we are right. He's extremely efficient and effective.

      If you're in the process of choosing an attorney, let me tell you that you'll be lucky to have Levi represent you. I mean it. Absolutely no one is perfect. But I can vouch for him that he does an amazing job, and he comes as close as it gets. He's worth every one of your hard-earned pennies.

      Former Client
      "Levi is a super nice guy who knows his stuff. I highly recommend Levi."

      Levi gave us great legal advice. He took the time to discuss the complexities of our situation and explained how to best proceed. Actions speak louder than words. Levi put our needs before his own. Levi is makes the world a better place.

      "Levi gets the job done quickly, efficiently, and respectfully!"

      I highly recommend Levi's services. I filed for chapter 7 and interviewed a few attorneys before choosing Levi. He is very reliable and easy to communicate with. He made the process easy for me, and never treated me like I was an idiot :-). He gave me all the information I needed without overwhelming (or frightening) me. Levi was always very prompt in returning my phone calls and emails.

      My money was well spent. Thanks, Levi for helping make this difficult time as painless as possible!

      "Good Guy"

      Levi did a divorce for me a couple of years ago and I was very happy with his services. Last year he did a bankruptcy for me. I recommend him to anyone who asks for my advice. Super nice guy who knows his stuff.

      Former Client
      "Does not get any better than Levi"

      It seriously does not get any better, since I was a young single father Levi has helped me through some of the roughest moments of my life.. And looking back on it he ALWAYS had a fair mind about both parties involved even when tempers may prevent some from doing just that. He is a great man and will gladly recommend him to others seeking help in trying times. Thanks, Levi.

      "Solved my problem with one call!"

      Thought I had a huge legal hassle in front of me. Called Mr. Brooks randomly - not only was he available, helpful, and a great listener but he solved my whole problem in one call with no headache! Would definitely recommend and will certainly work with again!

      "Superb Attorney"

      Levi Brooks is a superb attorney. He has an excellent instinct and understanding of what the Courts are likely to accept or rule. This, I found, was very valuable, as he can guide his clients to a less stressful and more successful case. His billing practices are more than fair. And he is very accessible .... always returning calls and emails right away. I would highly recommend Levi.

      "Went Over The Top"

      Levi helped and guided me through a rough divorce situation. He was very professional, attentive, and courteous throughout the process. I would highly recommend him as a trusted advisor. He went over the top to help me and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and his firm to anyone.

      "Professional and Knowledgeable"

      Very professional and knowledgeable. He was able to help me with my legal issues with much success. He has been there when I needed him.

      "Absolutely Worth Hiring"

      Levi is patient, knowledgeable, efficient and was absolutely worth hiring to help with me a complicated custody process. He is an excellent attorney that I highly recommend.

      "Helped Keep My Kids Safe"

      Levi has helped my family through some incredibly difficult times. He's professional, ethical and knows the law well. He set very realistic expectations and prepared me for the worst. He didn't aggravate an already volatile situation in any way and used logic and facts to help me keep my kids safe.

      "Highly Recommend Him!"

      Levi was extremely helpful, very professional, and related information in a helpful and timely manner. I would highly recommend him!

      "Deserves More Than 5 Stars!"

      Highly recommend, very trustworthy, Levi deserves more than 5 stars!

      "I highly recommend him."

      Levi is an excellent Family Law Attorney and certainly knows his business. He is thorough in his explanation of any process surrounding Family Law and, because of his knowledge and experience, you know what to expect from start to finish. I highly recommend him.

      "Very professional and very knowledgeable attorney."

      Levi is a very professional and very knowledgeable attorney. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the bankruptcy law but also his incredibly fast reply. He is easy to talk to and knows all facets of the law. Excellent attorney!

      Former Client
      "An amazing attorney and a human being."

      Levi is an excellent attorney with outstanding knowledge and class. I was proud to have him represent me in my very complex divorce case. Every step of the way he communicates, explains and makes you feel safe. He definitely is a gem in today's world, where justice and truth are often sacrificed in money and ego race. An amazing attorney and a human being. Thank you again for everything Levi